Our hand chopped Gloucester Old Spot Sausage is simply made using pork, seasoning and fennel. The meat used comes from the leg, neck and belly providing the perfect balance of textures and flavours.


We make our own GOS ham that has been brined and then slow baked. Occasionally we also make a Bresaola using aged Hereford steer or a sheep ham.


On our specials you will find Iberico chorizo from Martinez Somalo – La Rioja, hams and cured meats from Cinta Senese pigs that are raised and live in the wild. This breed, like the iberico, makes omega fat – unlike the saturated bad fat that is found in commercial breeds. Omega fat is tasty and good for you.


Recently an “involuntary revival” of wild boars in the Forest of Dean, close to our butchery, will hopefully bring us a new range of products.


We are part of this revival; put taste where your mouth is…….

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