The wines we serve come from organic vineyards. This is a more sustainable form of agriculture that does not pollute our water sources with chemical fertilisers, pesticides and synthetic insecticides, etc. Organic agricultural practices leave the soil in a good state of life as it’s not overexploited and is populated by all sorts of living creatures that would perish under the attack of chemical insecticides & pesticides.


The organic farmer sees themself as the transitional keeper of the land rather than an exploitative owner. Some farmers like Ottavio and his enological heir Alessandro, go all the way making their wine with no sulphur (like the red Rube), no temperature control or added yeasts. This is a very natural way of producing wine that is not shy of the imperfections and the distinct taste notes that one will find in the bottle and glass.



This wine reflects the millions of years of geology, the shorter span of botanical sedimentation and finally, the climatic tribulations of each year that together create noticeable variations between vintages. It requires a critical drinker that wants to appreciate all of this or one who simply does not like a headache in the morning!


The drinker of this wine will save our planet

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