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We really hoped, with all of our hearts, that we would not have been where we are today. Sadly we have had to close all of our pizzeria temporarily, due to current circumstances and government advice.

This will come into effect from Tuesday 24th March 2020. Our customers, suppliers and of course our teams are what make us Franco Manca. Their health and welfare is the most important thing to us. So many of our team are European and as such they are under a lot of pressure and anxiety worrying about their loved ones at home. These are testing times for all of us. Right now the most responsible thing we can all do is to stay at home.

We are fully focused on getting through this awful period and want to thank so many people for their words of support, kindness and generosity to our teams. Incredibly people have been leaving £50 tips on £15 bills – this means a lot to so many people. Genuine kindness.

Andra’ tutto bene.

Everything is going to be alright.

The Franco Manca Team.

Franco Manca means Franco is missing.
For now he is. But he will be back.

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