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Cook at home

Don’t do-it-yourself. Our pizzas, your oven.

Great pizza doesn’t fall out of the sky. But it can fall off a shelf. Our pizzaioli have been hard at work packing the same Neapolitan-style, fresh-ingredient, 24-hour dough-risen pizzas into cook at home boxes, so you can enjoy Franco Manca where it suits you best. Now our small-scale suppliers come with large-scale convenience, thanks to our lovely partners at Tesco, Ocado, Asda, Londis and Budgens.

So switch on your oven, roll up your sleeves and repeat ‘yes chef’. You’re one of us now.

PLUS you can now find our delicious tiramisù desserts in Tesco - buonissimo!

Roll up your sleeves

Just as Giuseppe intended. But at home.

Made with 100% Grano Tenero flour, our dough is naturally proved, hand stretched and stone baked in a beech and oak wood-fired oven in Italy. The pizzas are then hand-topped in the UK ready for you to cook Franco Manca at home. You can thank Executive Chef Alfonso for the flavour. And your mum for the hand-me-down oven tray.



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