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Sourdough pizza.
As it should be.

Straight from a Napoli trattoria — via Brixton.

Radically simple, affordable pizzas made from honest ingredients and fresh, handmade dough. If you know bresaola from burrata, like your bases better rested than you are and large pizzas followed by small bills, you’ve found your place.

Our neighbourhood pizzerias leave lots of space for walk-ins, and always will do. We also take bookings, to give you the best of both worlds. Whatever your plans, we’re ready to greet you with a warm welcome and piping hot pizza.

Slow fast food.
From the ground, up.

You could buy a plane ticket to Naples. But we’re faster.

You could eat a different pizza. But sourcing what goes on ours is slower. Inspired by tradition, our pizzas are original — made with fresh ingredients sourced from the soil our recipes were born on, by small suppliers who work closely with the land. Our handmade sourdough bases are kneaded fresh daily, and priced far below the rest. Less complicated, more of what matters. It’s what Giuseppe intended.

No corners cut. Just crusts.

  • Double-down with our Colston Bassett Stilton dip.


    Roasted cured ham, mozzarella, ricotta & wild mushrooms (little tomato).

Prepare your plate — it’s time to eat properly.

Every bite is made fresh in our kitchens daily, with ingredients as authentic as our Neapolitan roots. We believe in traditions (and breaking them where appropriate). Gluten free and vegan options available, naturally.

Bringing Napoli eating culture. Closer to you.

Find a pizzeria near you. Then eat your crusts.

food for thought. and vice versa.

pizza with asparagus and mozarella
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Asparagus and buffalo mozzarella pizza

There is, arguably, nothing better than fresh asparagus spears bursting with moisture and earthy seasonal flavour.

baked aubergine parmigiana
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Aubergine parmigiana

Create our baked Aubergine parmigiana, ultimate comfort food level.

classic tiramisu from Franco Manca
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Our homemade tiramisu, the coffee flavoured Italian dessert is a staple on our menu.

dough making process
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How to make sourdough at home. The Franco Manca way

Pizza is for everyone. This recipe will allow you to make our sourdough at home, using either a sourdough starter or yeast.

This Instagram feed is certified organic. Like the rest.


Secure your slice here.Secure your slice here.