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Sourdough pizza

As it should be

Our dough is made daily. Our seasonal ingredients are sourced from small suppliers across Italy and the UK. And our pizzas start from £5. Welcome to Franco Manca.


Without the wait

We take our time over our sourdough pizza. You don't have to.

All our pizzerias have an online click and collect service available.

Slow fast food is now even faster.


The No. 7, Created by Michelin Star Chef Roy Caceres

Created in partnership with Ferarelle naturally sparkling water and their chef academy, our latest No. 7 pizza is by Columbia-born, Rome-based Michelin Star chef, Roy Caceres.

It's got lightly spiced Ventricina salami, green peppers from Vesuvio, mozzarella, wild mizuna & rocket leaves and a roasted baby plum tomato & spicy n’duja drizzle [no tomato base].

Find Franco Manca

You can enjoy our pizza with principles all over the UK, and even in Italy. Dough made fresh on site everyday with specially selected seasonal ingredients. Search our pizzerias to find your nearest branch. Always eat your crusts.

About us

Once upon a pizza

In 1983 Francos was a pizzeria in Brixton Market owned by, you guessed it, a guy called Franco. By 2008 he had had enough and asked his friend Giuseppe Mascoli if he wanted to take it over. Giuseppe and his friend Bridget Hugo, an artisan baker, took it over calling it Franco Manca, (Italian for “Franco is missing”) in homage to Franco’s hard work.

Slow fast food

A closer look at our ingredients

Good food takes time. That’s why, since opening our first pizzeria in Brixton Market in 2008, we’ve championed slow-rising sourdough pizza and properly sourced, small supplier, seasonal ingredients. When you eat at Franco Manca, you support people working close to the land. Small farms = Big taste It’s good to know where the things on your plate come from.

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