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Everyone Friendly


We don’t believe in pigeon holes. Unless you’re a pigeon. Or a letter. Obviously. So when we created our new vegan no.7, we didn’t make it for vegans. We created it for everyone and it marries organic tomato, mixed wild mushrooms, caramelised red onions and our watercress pesto (yes, that’s vegan too).

Our first step – as always – was to create a damn good sourdough pizza for people with damn good taste. That means you by the way.

But it would be silly of us to ignore that a movement is happening. And we like movements. People’s attitudes towards their health and the environment are not only changing but helping to improve the world we live in.

And it means that, although our mission to create great sourdough pizza for everyone doesn’t change, we have a responsibility to do as much as we can to support and encourage that movement.

It’s why our number 1 pizza, garlic bread and green olives are also vegan. The same can be said for our natural wines, beers, juices and Aperol spritz. And it’s why we offer vegan cheese and a gluten free base. Now available across all of our pizzerias.

Because Franco Manca isn’t a place for meat eaters. Or vegetarians. Or vegans. It’s for everyone.

As it should be.


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