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who learnt from locals who learnt from locals who learnt from…

Keep it in the family. Recipes, stories and news from the faces behind Franco Manca. Speak less, listen more.

Slow fast food

Since opening our first pizzeria in Brixton Market in 2008, we’ve championed slow-rising sourdough pizza and properly sourced, small supplier, seasonal ingredients.

baked aubergine parmigiana
  • Recipes

Aubergine parmigiana

Create our baked Aubergine parmigiana, ultimate comfort food level.

fresh pizza with broccoli and olives
  • Recipes

Broccoli, olive and smoked mozzarella pizza

Wild broccoli, or friarielli, tastes like a hybrid of a herb, crossed with a vegetable – a delicious peppery flavour with plenty of scent.

sourdough pizzettes from Franco Manca
  • Recipes


These pizzette make a fresh and colourful summer treat as the toppings are all added after the dough has been fried.

pizza with chorizo and watercress
  • Recipes

Chorizo with ricotta and watercress pizza

Chorizo is a strong cured meat with plenty of flavour and spicy aroma. Contrast this with a fresh, mild cheese such as ricotta, and throw in plenty of crunchy green watercress to balance it off.

fresh wild garlic
  • Recipes

Wild garlic pesto

In spring you should be able to find plenty of garlic growing in the wild. The pesto is a wonderful way to enjoy.

classic tiramisu from Franco Manca
  • Recipes


Our homemade tiramisu, the coffee flavoured Italian dessert is a staple on our menu.

pizza with asparagus and mozarella
  • Recipes

Asparagus and buffalo mozzarella pizza

There is, arguably, nothing better than fresh asparagus spears bursting with moisture and earthy seasonal flavour.

mixed cheese and radicchio sourdough pizza
  • Recipes

Mixed cheese and radicchio pizza

Once you have made your sourdough pizza base, use this recipe to add toppings.

dough making process
  • Recipes

How to make sourdough at home. The Franco Manca way

Pizza is for everyone. This recipe will allow you to make our sourdough at home, using either a sourdough starter or yeast.

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