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Big news

Franco's Back

Next week we will continue reopening our pizzeria – and by August we will have 95% of our pizzeria available for dine in.


From the 3rd of August courtesy of Her Majesty’s government customers will also be able to enjoy our FIRST EVER ‘50% off’.

Since opening our first pizzeria in Brixton Market in 2008, we’ve championed slow-rising sourdough pizza and properly sourced, small supplier, seasonal ingredients. We have always kept our prices low.

Thanks to the support from the UK Government to help reopen our pizzeria and bring our incredible team back to work we are offering 50% off food and soft drinks from Monday to Wednesday throughout August – when you dine in.

Due to our incredibly low prices, this means during this promotion you can enjoy a pizza margherita (our No.2) for £3.40– our handmade slow-rising sourdough topped with organic & Italian tomato and British mozzarella.

Or try our No.7 pizza for £4.48, created by Neapolitan chef Enzo Coccia and featuring traditional Neapolitan pork salami, wild broccoli, San Marzano tomato DOP and British mozzarella.

Our organic homemade lemonade will cost £1.20 and a portion of tiramisu made on site by our brilliant pizzaioli will be just £1.95. Our Piccirillo (kid’s menu) will cost only £2.50 for a pizza, drink and ice cream. The 50% is valid on our whole menu – except alcohol.

You can also use this offer in conjunction with our loyalty app.

Our doors will be opening from 11am Mon- Wed.


WHEN: ALL DAY Monday to Wednesday throughout August 2020

WHERE: Every open Franco Manca in the UK. Find out more on openings.

HOW:  No vouchers or bookings required, just turn up as many times as you like. You can now also join our virtual queue http://FMqueue.com.

Anything else I need to know? You can only receive a saving of up to £10 per head maximum. If you spend £25 per head on eligible items dining in our pizzeria you will receive £10 off. If you spend £15 per head on eligible items dining in our pizzeria you will receive £7.50 off.

What isn’t included? Alcoholic beverages, retail products, takeaway and delivery


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