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Everything you need to know about our Loyalty app, to help you eat pizza and earn pizza.

  • I’ve earned a free pizza, how do I get it?

    You can enjoy your free pizza at any Franco Manca pizzeria. You just need to check into your table as normal, with the QR code your server gives you. Then, once you have ordered your pizza but before you ask for your bill, go to ‘your table’ then select ‘rewards’. Select ‘redeem’ on your free pizza and it’ll be taken off your bill.

    You can also redeem a free pizza on takeaway and delivery in the following ways:

    1. Call your local pizzeria and place a takeaway order on the phone. Go to the ‘YOUR REWARDS’ section of the app, click ‘REDEEM’ and show the code to your server when you arrive at our pizzeria to collect.
    2. Open the app, select ‘Order & Collect’ which will open a browser window. Click on the trophy icon to redeem your free pizza or main salad.

    This is not valid in conjunction with any other offer, and extra toppings will be charged for.

  • I forgot to check in last time I came to Franco Manca. Can I still collect my stamp?

    Of course! There is an 8 digit code at the bottom of your receipt. Go to the ‘add stamps’ section from the app menu, enter your code and your stamp will be added. This will only work if no one has claimed a stamp for the receipt or the transaction already, and the code is valid for one use only.

  • Can I earn stamps on kids pizzas?

    Sorry but we are only doing stamps for adult pizzas.

  • I didn’t get a stamp for my last visit. Why?

    You should get a stamp every time you dine in and buy a pizza. You can receive a maximum of one stamp per person for each visit. If you visit as a group, each person can earn a stamp on their app, but one person is not able to collect stamps for every pizza or main salad ordered.

    To make sure you get your stamp you need to either check in using the QR code your server gave you, or enter the 8 digit code on your receipt. You can also receive one stamp if you order through Uber Eats or takeaway and enter the 8 digit code on your receipt, or if you use our order and collect service. Adding a stamp from a receipt code is only valid for one person. Each person needs to check into the table when you are in the pizzeria to get a stamp on their app.

    When you dine in and use our Virtual Queue, you also need to check into your table when you sit down in order to earn a stamp.

    If you still feel you should have got a stamp and didn’t, you can contact us here and we will look into it for you.

  • I already have a Franco Manca loyalty card. Can I transfer my stamps onto the app?

    Unfortunately not. Our paper loyalty cards expired on 31st December 2019.

  • Can I share my stamps with other people?

    Not at the moment. If your fellow diners also check in to your table with their Franco Manca app, they can also earn a stamp for a full price pizza or main course salad. You can also refer a friend and you both get a bonus stamp when they download the Franco Manca app, check in and buy their first pizza.

  • Do I get a stamp when I order a Franco Manca takeaway or order Franco Manca through Uber Eats/Deliveroo?

    Yes, you do.

    When you use our Order & Collect service stamps will be added to your app automatically, you don’t need to do anything.

    To add stamps from a takeaway order , Uber Eats or Deliveroo, go to the ‘add stamps’ section of the app and enter the 8 digit code at the bottom of your paper receipt and your stamp will be added to your account.

    All takeaway orders (Order & Collect, takeaway, Uber Eats and Deliveroo) are only valid for one stamp per order. To earn one stamp per person please dine in at any of our pizzeria.

  • Can I use more than one reward at a time?

    You can share your pizza rewards with those dining with you. Just click on the free pizzas you want to redeem in the ‘rewards’ section of ‘my table’. To add a free drink or dessert reward to the table, you must buy one main pizza per drink or dessert in order to redeem.

  • I’ve referred a friend to join the app. How am I rewarded?

    Pizza loves company. When you refer a friend to download the app, you will both receive a free stamp when they buy their first pizza. As the referrer, you will also receive a free drink on us which will be found in the ‘your rewards’ section of the app. You will receive a drink and a stamp for every friend you refer.

  • I ordered four pizzas, but I only have 1 stamp. Why?

    You can only collect 1 stamp per person, per visit. When you dine in, each person must check into the table to earn a stamp for their pizza or main salad. So if your table ordered 4 pizzas, each of the first 4 checked in diners will receive 1 stamp each. When you order a takeaway pizza, the code at the bottom of the receipt is valid for one stamp for the total order.

  • I am a student

    As a student, you need to collect 4 stamps to earn a pizza on the house. When you start a new stamp card, you will receive two bonus student stamps each time, meaning you only have 4 stamps to collect to earn your free pizza. To prove you are a real living, breathing student, please check in and show your server your student card. We will do the rest.

  • How do I close my account?

    We’re sorry you want to close your account. Please email us on privacy@francomanca.co.uk with your request.

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