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Mixed leaves, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, dry San Marzano tomatoes & house dressing Read More
Mixed leaves, Kalamata black olives, dry San Marzano tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, Franco & Cantarelli Grana & house dressing Read More
Roasted butternut squash, artichokes, dry San Marzano tomatoes, goat’s curd, walnuts, alfalfa sprouts, mixed leaves & house dressing Read More
Lightly spiced chicken, crispy Gloucester old spot bacon, caramelised red onions, alfalfa sprouts, Franco & Cantarelli Grana, mixed leaves & house dressing Read More
Dry San Marzano tomatoes, roasted potatoes & onions, British mozzarella, Colston Bassett stilton and seasonal pesto [light tomato base] Read More
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