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Christmas. The best of times for many. The worst for those less fortunate. So last December all of our pizzerias donated Sourdough pizzas to those most vulnerable. We encouraged customers, food banks, homeless shelters, emergency services workers and charities to reach out to us to arrange collections of our pizzas.

Franco Manca Christmas pizza donations

Opening, eating, watching, drinking, laughing, eating, arguing, drinking, eating, eating, snoozing. That’s what most of us were doing over the festive period. Yet our amazing police men and women, firefighters and NHS staff sacrificed their Christmas Day to help those most in need.

So we also opened our Soho and Bristol pizzerias on Christmas Day specifically for these wonderful people, as well as food banks and shelters, to feed and fuel for free. A small gesture of thanks for everything they do, every day, all year long.

Franco Manca Christmas Day pizza donations

An enormous thanks to everyone who co-ordinated a collection with us, as well as the many solo volunteers who got in touch with us to find out how they could help. To name a few: St Mungo’s, Centrepoint, Crisis, South London refugee association, Dogs on the streets London, Help Bristol’s Homeless, and many more.

Franco Manca Christmas pizza donations soho

We also realise that we could never achieve this without our suppliers. So, Reynolds, Ticco, Molini Pivetti, Carnevale and Vestey. Thank you for contributing and helping to ensure sourdough pizza continued to fly out of our pizzerias. You’re all brilliant.

Last but by no means least, our pizzaioli and front of house staff who were fantastic at getting our pizza to those in need, and particularly our teams who gave up their Christmas Day to help.

Thousands of pizzas have been donated. We couldn’t have done it without you all.

To find out about how we can help more in the future, contact us at donations@francomanca.co.uk

So, Buon Natale. And thank you for making Christmas that little bit brighter for those in need.

As it should be.


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