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Aubergine Parmigiana

STEP 1 PREPARE THE AUBERGINES BEFOREHAND You will need 1kg of aubergines (around 6 aubergines medium size), 10g of fine salt and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil Cut the aubergines lengthways into 6mm thick slices. Take a colander and place the first layer of aubergines sprinkling a little bit of salt, add […]

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Broccoli, olive and smoked mozzarella pizza

Wild broccoli, or friarielli, tastes like a hybrid of a herb, crossed with a vegetable – a delicious peppery flavour with plenty of scent. It has an ‘edge’ which is compelling, as do olives, as does smoked cheese. Say no more.

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These pizzette make a fresh and colourful summer treat as the toppings are all added after the dough has been fried. Also, being quick and simple to prepare, they make excellent canapés.

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Chorizo with ricotta and watercress pizza

Chorizo is a strong cured meat with plenty of flavour and spicy aroma. When you contrast this with a fresh, mild cheese such as ricotta, and throw in plenty of crunchy green watercress to balance it off, you are in no danger of adulterating its deep umami.

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In spring you should be able to find plenty of garlic growing in the wild. However, it is also possible to cultivate some in a shady corner of your garden. The pesto is a wonderful way to enjoy.

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Asparagus and buffalo mozzarella pizza

There is, arguably, nothing better than fresh asparagus spears bursting with moisture and earthy seasonal flavour.

Together with fresh mozzarella and the purity of the best Parmesan Reggiano, this simple pizza is a spring treat.

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Mixed cheese and radicchio pizza

A recipe perfect for late winter or early spring, using mixed cheeses and radicchio.

Use our sourdough recipe to create your pizza base and then add toppings.

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How to make sourdough at home

Try our founder Giuseppe Mascoli’s sourdough pizza recipe at home, using either a sourdough starter or yeast.

Cook your sourdough by baking in an iron pan, frying in a saucepan or stone baking.

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Our pizzerias have featured artwork by our friend, the late, great Enzo Apicella (1922 -2018) since we opened in Brixton Market in 2008. He designed the murals in our Chiswick, Wimbledon and Guildford pizzerias, and you can see his artwork framed on our walls around the UK.

We continue celebrating his legacy today via The Enzo Project.

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Enzo Coccia is a master chef based in Naples, where he runs La Notizia 94, the first pizza restaurant to be recognised by the Michelin Guide.

His No.7 pizza has a San Marzano DOP tomato base from Dell’Agro Sarnese Nocerino, friarelli (wild broccoli) from the Campania region, and traditional Neapolitan pork salami.

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