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New on our Menu

The No. 7, Created by Michelin Star Chef Roy Caceres

Created in partnership with Ferarelle naturally sparkling water and their chef academy, our latest No. 7 pizza has been created by Roy Caceres. Born in Colombia, he moved to Rome aged 9 and has been living there ever since, where he runs his Michelin star restaurant, Metamorfosi. Like us, Roy is a big believer in fresh, locally-sourced and seasonal produce. He layers ingredients like an artist, mixing , Italian and Colombian traditions and creating dishes that work in perfect harmony and are packed with flavour.

Franco Manca brighton Ferrarelle event

For us, Roy has created our new No.7 pizza. It’s got lightly spiced Ventricina salami, green peppers from Vesuvio, mozzarella, wild mizuna & rocket leaves and a roasted baby plum tomato & spicy n’duja drizzle [no tomato base].

Frabco Manca No.7 pizza Roy Caceres

Roy’s pizza is now on the menu at your local Franco Manca— just ask for the No.7.

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Meet Chef Roy Caceres


We caught up with Roy to find out more about him and his Franco Manca pizza.

Franco Manca Roy Caceres pizza event

Franco Manca:

Tell us a bit about yourself

Roy Caceres:

I was born in Bogotà, Colombia during the 1970s and moved to Rome when I was 9 years old. At 16, I worked as a dishwasher in various Roman restaurants and began quietly studying the techniques, rhythms and secrets of the chef’s during my shifts. After watching them, I decided to pursue training courses and becoming a chef myself.

Franco Manca guest chef Roy Caceres


Where does your passion for cooking come from?


It’s funny; I often ask myself this question and wonder how I ended up on such a beautiful path. Firstly, many of my childhood memories centre around the pleasure of food. If you’re not fond of food and eating well, this is not the job for you. Secondly, being a chef allows me to transform. I’ve always been curious, even as a child. I would disassemble and reassemble everything that passed through my hands, always looking to create something new. This curiosity is what pushes me in the kitchen; every day I learn something new.

Franco Manca Ferrarelle competition event Brighton


What inspired the pizza you’ve created for Franco Manca?


My No.7 Special is based on my own personal tastes. I love freshness and a wide range of spiciness in my food. So I chose both the slightly spicy Ventricina salami and the hot ‘Nduja base. Then, for balance and so you taste freshness in every bite, I chose the mizuna, rocket and herbs.


Aside from the ingredients in your No.7 Special, which ingredients are your favourite to work with?


Whether it’s caviar or just a simple anchovy, I love quality ingredients above all else. That said, there are some things that I’m particularly attached to: red meat, eggs in all forms and rice as a comfort food.

Franco Manca Ferrarelle event Roy Caceres

For every new seasonal menu, we in invite a guest chef to mastermind an original No. 7 sourdough pizza of their very own.

Created in partnership with Ferarelle water and their chef academy, the guest No. 7s inspire our own chefs, and gives you the chance to taste test your way through signature creations of some great chefs.

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