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Pizza worth travelling for


We’re known for bringing you the freshest Italian pizzas in the UK, but now we’re sharing them with the folk back home – it’s only fair. So, if you fancy a trip to our homeland, you can now check out our first non-UK pizzeria on the beautiful Aeolian Island of Salina, north of Sicily.

Franco Manca Salina Pizza

Our founder Giuseppe Mascoli fell in love with Salina when he was looking for the perfect caper for his pizzas. The island has incredible biodiversity, which passes through the chestnut forests at 1000 meters in height, the strawberry trees, the brooms or the honeysuckles on the slopes of the mountains.

Salina is one of eight islands in the Aeolian archipelago north of Sicily. With black volcanic rock and surrounded by blue skies and blue seas, the lower slopes fertile land is the perfect place to grow wild plants and caper bushes. Making for the most interesting menu options, including the newly-added Taglieri of Salumi and Formaggi.



Ingredients worth travelling for

Good food takes time and it’s nice to know where our big taste comes from. We’ve always championed properly sourced, local ingredients. So, when you eat at Franco Manca Salina this summer, you’ll be supporting seasonal and local ingredients.

Franco Manca Salina tomatoes

Our daily menu of six pizzas plus one special is rooted in what the island has to offer, with fermented grapes straight from Giuseppe’s own natural vines. Rosato and Malvasia are an organic variety which have long been grown on Salina and used to make wine. Other ingredients from Salina and Sicily include anchovies, aubergines, courgettes, potatoes, olives, olive oil, ricotta infornata, tomatoes full of intense flavour, herbs and, of course, the celebrated capers.

You’ll be happy to know that all our cheese is certificated from Slow Food and Sicilian, and the salumi comes from free-range wild pigs from Nebrodi Mountain (suino nero dei Nebrodi), which is occasionally used in our specials.

Franco Manca Salina food and drinks

Talking of specials, check out our most popular special pizza, the Salsiccia & Friarielli (sausage and wild broccoli).

Franco Manca Salina is also involved in various other projects relating to biodiversity, sustainable production and the Aeolian Islands preservation fund. Making sure that we not only take from the land, but we also give back too.

Franco Manca Salina Pizza

Our Pizzaioli have landed

Come and pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy a drink with the incredible views of the Aeolian Islands, while our team (many of which have flown in especially from the UK) take care of the rest.

Franco Manca Salina team enjoy drinks in the sun

The Franco Manca Salina Family

Eleonora Varaldo is taking on her second year as a Manager in Salina and is in love with the island. She loves the peace, the colours, and the quiet, as well as the nice community that lives here. Eleonora says that “working here is like working with your family: our staff are very close, all our neighbours are always willing to support and help, and I work facing the sea.”

Supporting Eleonora you’ll find:

Giorgia, an assistant from our Chiswick branch;

Pasqualina an assistant from Soho who’s originally from Northern Italy;

Sebastiano Campisi used to be your chef at Soho and is from Catania;

Federica is a supervisor from Salina;

Ciro is a Chef from Naples;

Mirko is a KP from Salina;

Gabriele is a waiter from Salina;

Salvatore a Supervisor from Taormina;

Hamza joins our Salina team from the North of Africa,

and last but not least, Pascual is half Sardinian and half Argentinian. He used to be your head chef in Soho, and has been with us since the very beginning.


Franco Manca Salina team

Ready for take-off?

Sunshine and sourdough – what more incentive do you need to get your bags packed and your passport stamped this summer? You’ll be able to find us in Salina from now until September.

For enquiries and bookings, please contact eleonora.varaldo@francomanca.co.uk and remember to follow our summer journey on our Franco Manca Salina Instagram account.


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